4 d’ag. 2011

El pes que portem a l'esquena (I)

Antoni Pascual was born in 1909 in a coastal town from Maresme County, in Catalonia. In 1930 he was ordained priest, and just two years later he became the priest of Olzinelles parish, in the coastal range of Montnegre. Although still a rural parish, by that time peasants from Olzinelles had already started to abandon their farmhouses searching for better life conditions in nearby towns and cities, and the municipality of Olzinelles had already been annexed to that of Sant Celoni. In 1936, the priest Pascual was transferred to the small town of Matadepera, in the hillside of the pre-coastal range of Sant Llorenç del Munt, to replace an agitator right-wing priest whose personal safety could no longer be guaranteed by the left-wing municipal authorities. The victory of the Republican left coalition in the Spanish national elections was very recent, and the military rebellion that was going to change the fate of the country and the town was already being planned by a large part of the Spanish and Catalan elites. When the priest Pascual arrived to Matadepera, he realized that his parishioners were mainly landless peasants devoted to dry land farming and tree felling, living in a small town surrounded by vineyards and gardens. But the outbreak of the Civil War after the military rebellion by General Franco and the resulting revolutionary state in July 1936 obliged the priest to flee in order to save his life.

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